We are KEI – You are why we exist!

Thanks for coming. We’re glad you’ve decided to visit our website! In here you’ll learn a little about who we are, what we do and what we believe. It’s just a start, but like all great relationships, we know there is always a first step. You see we’ve been building on first steps since 1926 (read more about our history inside).

Our business is more about helping you than it is about landscaping. For over 80 years, we have helped people solve their problems and as a result we have been able to build a company with a strong reputation and an even stronger commitment to our community, our clients, our vendors, and our team members.

Sure, we’ll do the job right, but that’s the easy part. Making sure every experience has that confident, comfortable feeling you’ll come to expect is what sets us apart. Whether you're a first time client or an old friend, it's our mission to treat you as part of the family. Thanks again for being here! We hope this first step leads to the next one, so call us. We want to reach out, shake your hand, smile and say, “Hi, we’re glad to meet you! How can we help?


Sally Kujawa