A company philosophy that's actually a way of life.

At KEI, everything we do is guided by something called MAGIS. For us, MAGIS is a term grounded in a long history of distinction, selflessness and generosity. Simply translated from Latin, MAGIS means "more." As a philosophy, its greater meaning is taken from St. Ignatius of Loyola's Jesuit challenge to "strive for excellence in all things."

MAGIS inspires everyone here at KEI to reach their highest potential, to rise above being mediocre, average and complacent. The truth is, being average is easy. Being great at what you do is hard work, but the rewards are immeasurable. In everything we do, at home, at work and in our community, MAGIS guides us. We believe that to better serve our families, our customers, our neighbors and ultimately ourselves, we must lead with vision and character. We strive to exceed expectations and work hard to achieve excellence in all things. We believe we should always make the most of our talents and abilities.

At KEI we wouldn't have it any other way.