"If the problem is in Berlin, go to Berlin."

General George S. Patton Jr.


Favorite Movie:

Favorite Book:

Favorite Meal:

Most Memorable Moment:

Favorite Place to Travel:

What Family Means:

Biggest Achievement:

KEI is a Great Company Because:

Push the envelope - Pull the Trigger

So Many: Zulu; The Godfather; On The Waterfront;
any John Ford/John Wayne

In Harms Way - Its about the USS Indianapolis

NY Strip at Eddie Martini's with Martini and 3 blue cheese olives

9/11 - watching the towers come down, I still can't believe it.

Anytime - Anywhere - Anything. I love fall kinds of fishing too.

Everything: home, love, acceptance, craziness, highs or lows - its all good

Marrying my wife and raising three kids

The team is bigger than the players